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Type Selection Guide

YNJG series ——Climbing rollers to clamp

 YNJG series ——Climbing rollers to clamp


Climbing rollers to clamp: the oil motor drives the big gear, and there are 3-4 bevel plates, and every plate has 3-4 jaws, which us fixed by the jaw frame and the brake belts on the tong give frictional resistance to the jaws. When the big gear rotates , the rollers on the jaws will clamp up and the jaws will slid along the frame to clamp the tubular. When the torque bigger the frictional resistance, the jaw frame, jaws and the tubular will rotate together with the big gear to finish the make up or break out.

 This kind of clamping mode has features of 6-12 clamping points and small teeth mark. Disadvantage is : need to change the jaw for different size of tubular.

This type bucking machine is good for making up or breaking out the vases, only shortage is it can not work without mark; when arc dies used, bigger torque will make bigger clamping force, and small initial torque makes small clamping force, so it may be a little slid.

     The normal model is : YNJG180/20,YNJG230/30,YNJG400/68,YNJG570/68.

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