Full length testing

20" Hydrostatic testing machine

This machine is used for O.DФ245~Ф508mm, length8.5-13m pipes hydraulic pressure testing, and the Max. pressure is 40Mpa. 1、application:φ340—φ630mm2、pipe length:8.5m—13m testing Qty.:1pc3、testing pre

  • Model: GSY508

This machine is used for O.DФ245Ф508mm, length8.5-13m  pipes hydraulic pressure testing, and the Max. pressure is 40Mpa. 


2pipe length8.5m13m  testing Qty.:1pc

3testing pressure070Mpa  (adjustable, according to API standard )

4pressure holding time560s (adjustable) pressure fall:≦1% of the testing pressure

5testing mediumWater or emulsion

6Sealing mode :steel frame radial big gap envelop sealing

7testing speed120s/pipeholding time :5s testing pressure 15Mpa

8installation power160KW